How to use the Translate app on iPhone and iPad

How to use the Translate app on iPhone and iPad

Need a quick translation when traveling or meeting new people? Just pull out your iPhone and the Translate app!

Have you ever traveled to a different country and you have no idea how to speak the native tongue? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools out there to help you communicate with the locals, especially if you have your iPhone with you.

Apple made life a little easier for everyone when it added a Translate app in iOS 14. This eliminates the need for a third-party translation app, though you can argue that some developers have a better alternative to Apple’s native app. But if you don’t want to bother downloading something else, then Apple’s Translate app is pretty good, all things considered. Originally, the Translate app was only on the best iPhone, but iPadOS 15 brought Translate to your favorite iPad too. iOS 16 also brings in a brand new feature, allowing you to capture images with your device’s camera and translate on-the-fly.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use the Translate app for iPhone and iPad.



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