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Welcome to iTunes Gift Card. Buy iTunes Gift Cards from anywhere in the world, directly off our website. We sell genuine US and UK Gift Cards which are delivered to you digitally via email world-wide and payment is secured through PayPal.

Our iTunes Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers selection allows you to purchase Movies, Music, Apps and TV Series from the US iTunes Store and the UK iTunes Store. iTunes Cards & Jerry Card also make the ideal gift for birthdays and other celebrations. Shop from us with peace of mind and excellent service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy US iTunes Gift Cards Online

1. Visit
2. Select your iTunes Gift Cards or Apple Card
3. Complete the safe & secure payment
4. Receive your iTunes Card Code via email

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards
From your device, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, just follow the easy redemption instructions on the back of your card or receipt. You can also redeem using a webcam on your Mac or iOS computer to take a screenshot of the PIN code.

Where is my order?
After payment is completed, you should receive the invoice email from PayPal and the instruction to get your card within minutes. Please check your spam email or junk mail folder, the email maybe there. Contact our distributor ([email protected]) if the emails do not appear. (Please include your payment email address in your message to me)

NOTE: Payments and Gift Cards are processed by the distributor in the US and not by this iTunes Gift Card website. Should you have any queries regarding purchase or delivery of your gift cards please contact
[email protected] directly.

FIRST-TIME BUYERS: First-time buyers are required to verify their email address. This once-off process is done manually by the distributor in the US. Due to time zone differences, it might take a bit longer for you to receive your card. Should you not have received feedback or your card within 12 hours, please contact us. Rest assured that purchased Gift Cards WILL be sent to you.

How can I pay you?
We accept all kind of credit cards and PayPal payment worldwide.

Can I shop in US iTunes store if I am outside US and without US credit card?
Yes, you can shop in US iTunes store even you are outside US! Just buy an US iTunes gift card and you can access movies, TV shows, songs that are only available at US iTunes store. No US credit card or US address required. Our service is perfect for people who live overseas. We will deliver the gift card in Email internationally!

In which iTunes stores can I use a US or UK iTunes Card?
A US iTunes Card will ONLY work in a US iTunes Store and a UK iTunes Card will ONLY work in a UK iTunes Store.

Are those card legitimate?
Yes, they are. Cards are bought in local (US) retails stores (Best Buy, WalMart). You will receive a 300dpi scan of the whole physical card as a proof (with series number and code).

There are other places much cheaper. Why should I buy from you?
Because our cards are LEGITIMATE. Most if not all other cheaper codes sold in other sites are originally from stolen credit card. Apple will block your account for using those codes and you will lost everything in your account. No matter what, you have to pay $50 to get a $50 iTunes Gift Card, legitimately. There is no way to around it. If you want your account to remain safe, you should buy from iTunes Gift Cards SA.

What is your return policy?
Our distributor will guarantee the legitimacy of the cards sold to you. Replacement of cards will be sent to you if any problem of the cards themselves. Due to the special properties of gift cards (when the cards exposed to you, it will be hard to resell the card), all sales are final and no return will be acceptable unless in very special situations. Still, our distributor will stand behind the cards we sell and full customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Email us for any concern and question you may have.

Website terms and conditions is purely an online platform that provides online purchasing functionality for our distributor’s iTunes cards. We do not keep stock nor are we involved in any payment procedures directly. It is the client’s responsibility to check that he/she has the correct iTunes account in order to redeem the card.

Gift Vouchers & online iTunes Gift Card

iTunes US Gift Cards and UK iTunes Gift Vouchers allow you to choose whatever you want on the US or UK iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore and Mac App Store. iTunes Gift Cards are the perfect way to buy Songs, TV shows, Games, Movies, Apps and more…

Got a query?

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us. Payments and Gift Vouchers & Cards are processed by the distributor in the US. Should you have any queries regarding purchase or delivery of your gift cards please contact [email protected]